Kiki's Pet House Subscription Services

Subscribing to get products delivered to you on a regular basis is easy on Kiki's Pet House. Just go look for the product like you normally would and then when you go to add it to the cart you will be given an option to have a regular delivery. you can pick the number of products you want and then how often you would like them delivered. It's a simple as that.

No more struggling with heavy bags from the shop to your car. Our service brings the best quality food to your door, next day for most of the UK. Our carriers have a 99.83% history of meeting that deadline. on top of that they will also text or email you to tell you when you package will be there, so if you need to go out, you can in the knowledge that your food will be delivered in a two hour window. As your delivery gets closer you will be given an even smaller window of when the driver will arrive.

One of the best things about Kiki's Pet house Subscription service is the ability to change products and know it will not upset your pets system. We only work with the best manufacturers, their recipes allow you to change flavours and age related food without a problem. So if you start out on Country Pursuit Puppy food, you can change to Adult Chicken and Rice or Musli Moist and not have to worry about upset stomaches. Each range has been checked to ensure healthy results and you will see the options available to you on each page.

Of course if you ever unsure just ask us, we are always happy to help

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