Kikis Affiliate Scheme

While you’re perusing the wide range of products available on our website, you might like to “paws” and consider our new Affiliate Scheme …..


You could be looking for a way to supplement your income with a flexible opportunity; trying to raise funds for a charity or community group or you might simply be passionate about your ‘pooches’!

Becoming an Affiliate is a ‘win-win’ - anyone you introduce receives top-quality products, and you receive a monthly financial return for as long as they are buying from us.

You simply share details of our website, and the fabulous products available, together with your unique Discount Code. 

When your Customers purchase products through our website and use your unique Discount Code at the checkout, this establishes their link with you and ensures all their future purchases are automatically allocated to you, earning you 10% commission on the sale. 

Not just the first sale, but for every sale they make after you introduce them.  Your introductions have the potential to last a lifetime.  As long as your customers continue to purchase products, you’ll continue to receive a steady stream of income.

To assist you in making the most of this Scheme, you will have access to an exclusive Affiliate Area providing you with literature on our products and other tools to help you promote our products, together with up-to-date stats on commission and referrals.

Interested? Please email us on or call our team on 0330 124 6164 for further details.


To view the terms of our Affiliate Scheme please click HERE