Back. To. School.

Sep 02 , 2020

Back. To. School.

Written by Keeks, Black Labrador Retriever, Age 3 years

The leaves are starting to turn, the blackberries are out, there’s Hallowe’en themed stuff in the shops, cases of COVD-19 are reduced…this can only mean one thing: the easing of lockdown and the end of the longest ever school holidays in the history of planet (I'm quoting my Mum here!). The time has come to actually buy new school shoes for my 2 legged siblings, either by waiting in the queue all 'face-masked up' (them not me) or running the gauntlet with online shoe shopping (the boxes are really fun to chew). And yes, those school trousers are at least 3 inches too short since you last wore them in March! 

Torn between heaving a huge sigh of relief because finally I can enjoy some peace around here and quietly worrying about how the school will manage the 'bubble' system (no idea what that actually means), the end of the holidays has me reflecting philosophically on how quickly time passes and the importance of enjoying the fleeting moments of childhood, teenage-hood and puppy-hood.

In an effort to make the most of the last precious days, in between all the frantic pencil case re-stocking and next-size-up grey sock purchasing, I encourage you to take some time out with those you love – human and of course more likely, canine – in the late summer sunshine with the sole intention of enjoying yourselves with your four-legged friend and seizing the day! 

Make sure that you make some memories of the last few days of this summer before the new term is upon us and before we face another lockdown...ahhhh no, don't say the 'L' word out loud. Head out determined to eke out the last of the dog days of summer. In the words of the wisest sage I know, Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”